Space in our World

Release Date:- 2012-11-29

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Now more than ever, space systems are essential to our society. Space programs keep us safe, grow our economy and advance the progress of civilization as no other field can. As we face our difficult fiscal challenges, it’s important to remember that investments in space keep our nation second to none in ways that nothing else can.

Most Americans recognize space as a key expression of our national character.  They know our space programs are a globally recognized brand of American ingenuity. The recently landed Mars Rover Curiosity was the latest reminder that our space capabilities are the crown jewels of our nation.

Less known is the indispensable value space systems bring to our everyday lives. Space provides irreplaceable capabilities for defense, public health, finance, medicine, energy, agriculture, transportation, development and countless other fields. Investments in space programs are precisely about improving and protecting life on Earth.

In this new report, "Space in our World," AIA outlines how space systems help improve our lives in a myriad of ways (with stunning photos and videos). A quick look at the following pages will make it abundantly clear: we cannot afford to live in a world without capable, robust space systems.