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Piloting careers can be expensive, especially when adding up the cost of flight training in addition to a college degree. The most common question is: “how do I pay for both flight training and a degree?”

I am here to tell you there is hope. Many people and organizations want to give you money, but where do you find the scholarships and free money? After much research I did not find a good resource specifically for aerospace scholarships. That is when I decide to create the website The book you are reading is the textual version of the online guide.

This scholarship guide is for all those who want to pursue a career in aviation and aerospace but need money to pay for their training and degree. There are many wonderful people in this world who want to help you succeed by paying for your education through gifts and scholarships. This guide will help you find the money to fulfill your dream.

All of us who are passionate about aviation truly love everything that flies through the air or traverses space. That is why I am including all aerospace scholarships in this directory and not simply limiting it to aviation.

But before you read this guide I want you to do something for me. I want you to dream big and think about those things that really get you excited. Imagine yourself piloting a plane, designing the next rocket engine, or repairing a large airliner, helping passengers reach their family and friends during the holidays. Whatever your dream I know you can do it!